Being Green

Pod, made with British peas, strives to be the most sustainable, flavour-led vodka. With a focus on our three p’s.

People, Purpose, Planet.

We Love Local

Greatness can be found close to home so pod sources what they can locally and sustainably

Our perfectly imperfect peas are fermented and distilled in our homeland, Manchester, in our bespoke copper still.

Our still is steam heated which means we release lower co² emissions and use less energy.

We care about our process and how the materials used have an effect on the planet


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Our Labels

Pod labels are designed on home turf in Manchester, and printed locally using wood-free, FSC® certified sandpaper. No foils, plastics or nasties are used making pod easily recyclable.

Our Corks

Very soon, the cork in every pod bottle will be 100% home compostable.

Our Bottles

The Pod bottle is made from UK sourced sand – keeping the carbon footprint low. It’s also made from glass destined for further processing, resulting in less waste and using less energy

Our bottles may vary slightly in colour but not in its commitment to being green. Like the pea, our bottles are perfectly imperfect.

Our Logo

Our three P’s are at the heart of what we do, and our logo. People. Purpose, Planet.


The party doesn’t stop once our vodka has left the building. We are working on turning the pea pulp left from production into protein powder for pet food.